Carla and Kevin Tompkins are two hired thugs that Dolph Oberlander hired in his war on the Saints. Kevin is the oldest of the two and graduated from Harvard along with his younger sister. And instead of entering legit buisness ventures they worked for Dolph. Dolph liked the two americans and they became his criminal students. They also owe a Recording Studio where they record music and carry out their drug trafficking duties in secret as well as being Dolph's financial advisors. They have increased Dolph's profits by a substantial amount. They invite the Boss ,Angel De La Muerte,Shaundi and Pierce to Dolphs private yacht. They are also acquainted with Kris Deerkovsky havng brazenly extorted money from him. Kris also used to be their friend but due to their extortion he threw them under the bus which caused them to kidnap him. In fact the first mission in Saints Row Freemason throwdown involves rescuing him from being killed by a speeding train commandered by the two siblings. Kevin is portrayed by Rory Culkin while Carla is portrayed by Emma Roberts.