Chicken Man
Chicken Man








Chicken Man (2010)


Serial Killer (part time)


Samuel Robertson (father; deceased)
Vanessa Robertson (sister)

Michael Robertson, real name Chicken Man, is a vigilante who operates in Steelport.


Michael is the son of senior detective Samuel Robertson and the older brother of Vanessa Robertson. After his sister's abduction by a crime ring and the apparent suicide of his father, Michael became a private investigator, with his primary goals to unravel the corruption in Steelport, find his sister and solve his father's death, which he believed wasn't a suicide but a well planned murder.

During the day Michael helped look into other cases for clients, but at night operated as the vigilante Chicken Man, taking out criminal strongholds and using interrogation methods to gain information on the goings on of the Steelport Underworld.

Michael began working with a mysterious individual named Frank Gorland, who offered Michael the chance to take revenge on the man who murdered his father. Frank is the owner of a restaurant and he himself is looking to carry out "justice" on those who wronged him in the past. To make sure Michael has what it takes, Frank hires him to kidnap two men whom murdered Frank's wife and daughters several years previously and bring them to him alive. Michael complies, and is forced to witness Frank brutally murder the men. Frank assures Michael that he shouldn't show any pity, especially if he wants to lead the life of a killer.


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