Colombian Drug Cartel Founded by Miguel and Founded  and Miguel And His Czars and His Cartel and His Right Hand Man(Manuel Orejula) Moved Stilwater and Defeated by Frank Lopez(Manuel Orejula)and Miguel Killed by Frank Lopez vith his hands and Manuel Orejula Founded Lopez Crime Family and Colombian Cartel Headed by Left Hand Man of Miguel and Left Hand Man Deceased in 1920 and Colombian Cartel Headed by Cezar in 1929 And Cezar Last Leader of Colombian Drug Cartel and Lopez Empire Started And New Gang is Los Carnalesand Miguel İs Father of Patrick and Cezar and Headed by Patrick and Cezar but Their Leader is Older brother Patrick and Patrick is El Jefe and Number1 and His Number2 İs Cezar and Patrick İs Primary Leader and Cezar is One Of Secondary Leaders.Patrick and Cezar is Killed by Manuel Orejula

History Colombian Drug Cartel(1900-1930)

Miguel Headed Colombian Drug Cartel in 1900 and İts ending


Miguel-Founder Boss Leader Don                                      Manuel Orejula-Co-Leader(Formerly)                                 Patrick-Co Leader                                                                Cezar-Last Leader

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