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Saints Row: Money Shot (unreleased)


Third Street Girls

Cypher is an assassin and one of the three playable protagonists in Third Street Girls.


Third Street Girls

Upon Viola and Shaundi's escape from the Sinister Three, Shaundi decides to contact Cypher who was an associate of the 3rd Street Saints several years previously and had dealt with "loose ends" in their rise to power. Cypher agrees to help, and kidnaps Mr. Rollers (who funds the Sinister Three) and forces him to reveal more about the gang's operations. She then disposes off him off a roof and relays most of the information back to Shaundi and Viola.


  • Cypher originated from the cancelled Saints Row spin-off Saints Row: Money Shot. Some of these missions are considered canon within The Sinister Three storyline.
  • Her exact problem with the Sinister Three is unknown, however she states she had an unpleasant experience with Mr. Sinister many years previously and has something in common with Shaundi and Viola.
  • Cypher's preferred weapon appears to be the TOGO-13 Sniper Rifle.
  • Cypher had a good relationship with the 3rd Street Saints prior to The Sinister Three and had helped them take down high profile targets. She had also lent her technology to The Protagonist for usage during their takeover of Steelport.(Saints Row: The Third Moneyshot pack)



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row: Money Shot (unreleased)

Fan Fiction

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