Duck Face
Duck Face


Human half duck






Duck Tales


Sons of Samedi


Drug dealer
Part time duck

"Quack quack"
―Duck Face

Duck Face is an alter ego used by Veteran Child.


As a child, Veteran was a fan of ducks. A renowned fan of Donald Duck, Howard the Duck and Daffy Duck, he wished to be a duck. Wearing a homemade duck bill with pride, Veteran would hang out by the pond on weekends reading up on ducks and feeding the ducks and sharing a sandwich of stale bread. At school he was taunted, called "Duck Face" and was once thrown in a pond during a school trip at the zoo.

Growing up, Veteran turned to drugs which mangled his mind, which resulted in him believing he was a duck. He would have his special Loa dust toasties with Shaundi, unaware she was using him to deliver Intel back to the 3rd Street Saints.

When Veteran Child wrongfully believed Shaundi had stolen his Loa toasty recipe, he kidnapped her at the Saints hangout and took her to a club as a hostage, but was then killed by The Protagonist. He was cremated and his ashes scattered by Stilwater Public Pond.



Saints Row series

  • Saints Row 2 (as Veteran Child)
  • Saints Row IV (as Veteran Child) (simulated)

Fan Fiction

  • Duck Tales

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