Evil Gat
Evil Gat
Phillipe Gat


Human (clone)


Los Wages




Saints Row: Prime


3rd Street Syndicate


Evil Gat
Negative Gat
Gat and Loren's fucked up child


Enhanced Heavy Pistol
Battle SMG
Heavy Combat Rifle


Evil Mastermind


Jimmy Torbitson (Creator)
Johnny Gat (Primary Genetic Template)
Phillipe Loren (Secondary Genetic Template)
Johnny Tag (Fellow clone)
Zombie Gat (Fellow clone)

Phillipe Gat aka Evil Gat is the second clone of the famous Johnny Gat created by Jimmy Torbitson.


Evil Gat was created from a blood sample found in the crashed plane were Johnny was killed. Using the sample Jimmy used his cloning pod he used for his first clone Johnny Tag, but this time he made sure the base genome read by the pod was Johnny's this time and not Oleg's. The clone seemed to be a success being identical to Gat albeit with red eyes. Jimmy excited tried to call the Saints to tell them of his success but unfortunately he was killed by his clone. It turns out the blood sample collected by Jimmy was contaminated by Phillipe Loren's blood resulting in the clone becoming evil and having memoires of both Johnny's and Phillipe's mixed together.


  • The original concept of a evil clone of Johnny Gat was in the story for the original story of Saints Row 4.

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