Heavy Combat Rifle







Clip Size

50 (Rank 5 Clip Size)
30 (NPC)


Automatic (NPCs)

Used by

Super Slut
Bob Wilson
Mr. Sinister
Elite Mercenaries


Can Zoom, No Select-fire


Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Heavy Combat Rifle is a weapon in Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet.

"A powerful single shot battle rifle"
―Weapon Description


Accuracy, Clip Size, Damage, Reload Speed can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Magnified Scope "Ultimate Upgrade".

Weapon Breakdown

  • Very powerful per shot damage
  • Excellent at all ranges
  • Good accuracy when upgraded
  • Good effective range
  • Conserves ammo with Semi-Automatic trigger
  • The SOF Battle Rifle costumes feature a flash-light and laser
  • Poor Accuracy until upgraded
  • Small magazine until upgraded
  • Flash-light and laser only appears with the SOF Battle Rifle costumes
  • Semi-Automatic only


  • SOF Battle Rifle
    • Default (Flat Dark Earth)
  • Spec Ops DMR
    • Default (White)
  • Cold War Rifle
    • Default (Grey)


  • The SOF Battle Rifle is based off the FN Herstal SCAR-H that has been highly customised with a vertical grip, AN/PEQ-15 (Light and Laser Module) and a Elcan SpecterDR Optic. The image of the SCAR-H in the gallery has the same configuration in game, with the exception of the reversed charging handle.
    • The Optic was originally a Leatherwood Hi-Lux CMR scope in a LaRue QD mount, but was changed to the SpecterDR, as the SpecterDr optic is used by special forces.
  • The Spec Ops DMR is based off the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle with a Leupold Mk 4 scope mounted, vertical grip and a folded bipod.
  • The Cold War Rifle is based off the Heckler and Koch G3A3/HK91/HK41 that has vertical grip and a Vortex Viper scope in a LaRue QD Mount.
  • The Heavy Combat Rifle is Semi-Automatic when used by the player in-game, but is Fully-Automatic when used during cutscenes or when used by NPCs that carry the rifle by default. NPC's that pick up Heavy Combat Rifles will always fire the gun in Semi-Automatic.
    • This was done to prevent the Heavy Combat Rifle from being overpowered in the hands of the player and to make NPC's more deadly in combat. The damage in Fully-Automatic is reduced by 25% to prevent the gun from being too powerful at close range.


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