Hurry Hurry!!! is a mission in Saints Row Freemason Throwdown. The Protagonist plans on taking the fight to the Kow Yun Lo triad and calls Euso Yun to ask if he got any info on Jimmy Chang. It seems the Triad has hacked into the Saints bank accounts for the Colombian Cartel who are now lead by Christina Obradors. You have an unlimited amount of time[Despite the mission name] to go and break up their computer hacking rings. Once you get there Johnny Zimos and Shaundi will help you. You must use the molotov cocktails to destroy the computers relax don't worry as you will be wearing fire-proof clothing. Inside the abandoned mansion will be Triad goons brandishing K-8 Krukovs and .44 Shepherds. Pick up the Kobra and proceed to blast them away. Euso joins the fray as he brandishes his .45 Shepherd[which appears alongside it's counterpart] and proceeds to shoot a Triad goon in the eye.After you destroy 1 computer hacking ring and kill the computer hacker you must proceed to destroy the 4 other computer hacking rings. After you proceed to kill them all a Tornado with Triad goons will drop down into the mansion. Johnny tells the protagonist to take the Apoca-Fists and use them against the goons and their helicopter. Which kills them all and causes the Helicopter to explode although you will be unharmed. The protagonist than heads upstairs to break up the 2nd computer hacking ring with molotov cocktails and snaps the computer hacker' sspine killing her instantly although she would have died anyway as she was set ablaze. He then proceeds to the dining room and sets the 3rd computer on fire although the computer hacker killed himself before this. the 4th and final one is on the 14th floor of the mansion. So take the elvator up and proceed to the discotheque and set the 4th computer and it's hacker on fire. Christina Obradors isn't about to let you get away with this and so sends her triad goons after the protagonist who then runs to his Cadillac Escalade EXT while the Triad goons drive their BMW M5's you have unlimited rocket ammo so use it against the Triad goons. After you get back to the hideout. We are treated to a cutscene where Donnie trys to explain to Jimmy and Christina that the Saints busted up their ring. Angry Christina threatens to gut Donnie like a fish if he doesn't remedy the situation.