Jacques Loren
Jacques Loren






Younger Frenchie


Vittorio Loren (Father)
Phillipe Loren (brother)


Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet

Jacques Loren is the younger brother of deceased Morningstar leader Phillipe Loren and the founder and chairman of the Supreme Crime Syndicate of Stilwater. His goal is destroying the 3rd Street Saints and planning world (and possible universal) domination with a collection of criminals and supervillains.

He appears as one of the main antagonists in Saints Row: Tales of the Saints Strumpet.


After the defeat of the Zin Empire, Jacques sees that the Saints will not go down too easily. Taking inspiration from his older brother's now-fallen Syndicate, Jacques spends time getting resources together and technology, from the Ultor Corporation, The Syndicate, STAG and the Zin Empire. He begins recruiting former gang members and soldiers of these organizations who hate the Saints and hires major criminals and supervillains. Somehow he manages to revive Zinyak to act as his second in command.

On the first anniversary since the invasion of the Zin Empire, Jacques sends his army to attack the Saints during a memorial at the Saints Row Church. After imprisoning them, he locks down Stilwater and becomes the supreme leader, and begins attacks on closer cities such as Steelport.


Jacques looks very similar to his older brother Phillipe except Jacques has bleach blonde hair. He usually wears a suit that looks exactly like his brothers but sometimes he does wear a suit very similar to a Morningstar Specialist except it is a darker red.


Jacques looks exactly like Phillipe in promotionally art for Saints Row The Thirds.



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