Jaros the Dragon
Jaros the Dragon







Jaros the Dragon is a servant of Zinyak and the 'protector' of Princess Johnny. After Zinyak's defeat he went onto serving the 3rd Street Saints.


After Zinyak kidnapped Princess Johnny in Saints Row: The Third from Philippe Loren's plane, he locked him away under Lets Pretend in Simulation 31. Zinyak needed someone to stay guard, so revived the massive Dragon prop to stand guard both outside the store and inside to make sure nobody will try to save Johnny.

When Bob Wilson found out about Princess Johnny's survival and being held, they dressed as a knight and went to rescue them. After trying to fight Jaros off with a laser sword and glowing dildo, Bob just blasted Jaros with an alien rocket launcher knocking him clean out.

When Bob took over the Zin and Simulation 31, he allowed Jaros to live on inside Lets Pretend and to keep guard forever.


  • He is based off head writer of the Saints Row series Steve Jaros, who loves dragons.
    • Saying that, when Steve Jaros was captured by Zinyak, he was transformed into a dragon and came to realize being a scaly lizard wasn't fun after all.