Justice League Logo

 The Justice League is a secret Black-ops unit of superhumans to counteract the opposing rule of the Supreme Crime Sydicate of Stilwater.


When the Supreme Crime Syndicate of Stilwater destroyed most of the members of the Saints Empire, A newly reinstituted STAG decided to recruit liable candidates for  a new secret black-ops unit codenamed Justice League their goal is to oppose the rule of the Syndicate then destroy them once and for all.


- Super-Lord (Cyrus Temple- Leader)

- Bat-Man (Joeseph McKormic-Second in command)

- Gatman (Johnny Gat-Weapons Expert/Combat)

- R4Gn0r0k (Matt Miller and Kinzie Kenzington- Tech)

- Merhman (Unknown-Strategist)

- Raven (Shaundi- Public Face)

- Nyteblade (Bob Wilson- Field ops)


- 3rd Street Saints


- United Nations

- Robin (James McCoy Jr)

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