La Fratelli is made up of italians who usely hang out at the pizza and pasta shop thay aslo do bank robery, gambling,street racing,cyber and playing games. This led by Cagero Grimaldi. The crews create in Italy and then moved the United States.


La Fratelli led by Cagerlo Grimaldi.Their gang color is green,Their symbol is green biohazard.Fratelli described as cyder motorcycle racer group with sword.They appeared to be mix of Italians, Albanians, Caucasians and Hispanics.The gang use motorcyles and cars an they go very superfast.


La Fratelli mainly wears green leather jacket, leather vest and tight white paints and jeans as a low class, as of high class their wear black leather, leather vest with tight green pants or jeans also tight, but some members wears differant clothing like some wear leather hoodies, plain tight short sleeve shirt and leather pants. their wear green and blacks sneakers also wears boots.They have their symbol back of the jacket or a vest. They have samurai attach to their back similar to the Ronin and Deckers.

Main Members

Cagerlo Grimaldi - A Leader

Chris Tomasulo - A Co Leader
The Fratelli

Lindita Chavez - The Brains

Kimi Tomasulo - The Fighter

Jason Grimadi - Muscle and Right Hand Men

Ahren Lombardi - A Racer


La Fratelli Have many similarities with the Sons of Samedi and Luchadores gangs because their wear green.

The Gang is the most toughest dangerous gang, also they are masters of fighting like martial arts, no one can't touch them but if you messed with them your dead.

Lots gang of the member speak full english but some speak italian and albanian accent.

La Fratelli is consider an Xbox gang.

The Brothers in English translate to La Fratelli in Italian.

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