Lin through Saints Row
Lin as she appears in Saints Row (human and zombie) and Saints Row IV (although cut).








Saints Row (2006)


3rd Street Saints
Westside Rollerz (cover)


Lieutenant at the 3rd Street Saints

Lin was a lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints during Saints Row 1 and was the girlfriend of Donnie. She was to reprise her role in Saints Row IV but it was cut for unknown reasons, but mostly down to her public scandal of felating The Protagonist in the Oval Office.


Lin was the best race car driver that ever came out of Chinatown, but nobody really heard of her because she got tits, which some wondered if that's what they where. She was a friend of Princess Johnny and they used to play dress up and hard core bondage. When Johnny got an opportunity to join the 3rd Street Saints as their attack dog, he helped get Lin in, due to her ability to fix cars. She was then appointed to work undercover in the gang known as the Westside Rollerz up in the suburbs.


Lin staged a rescue on Westside Rollerz mechanic Donnie by having The Protagonist stage an apparent assassination attempt. During her time she grew close, much to the hate of William Sharp, Donnie's boss and uncle of leader Joseph Price as Sharp had feelings for Donnie.


Sharp kidnapped Lin, claiming that "I only suck the dick of the Donnie Wong". He locked her in a trunk with the Playa and dumped it in the river. Lin died on her injuries, but the Protagonist escaped.

Life as a Zombie

Unknown to many, the Playa brought Lin back to life as Zombie Lin. Zombie Lin engaged in a relationship with the Playa and he would perform anal on her now and again, although as time went on her dead butt skin began to decompose away, leaving rancid flesh which would get wrapped around the Playa's bell end.

Zombie Lin was given to Channel 6 news as a story, but this was refused as they opted to investigate the very rich and sinister clothing company known as Ultor (who defiantly won't be trying to take over the whole city in a few years time).

New Timeline

Saints Five

In 2006 Lin was rescued by the Protagonist from William Sharp via time travel, and was recruited to fight against Dex during a time war. She had later partnered up with Donnie.


Saints Row series

  • Saints Row
  • Saints Row 2 (mentioned)
    • Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed (mentioned)
  • Saints Row: The Third (mentioned)
  • Saints Row IV (mentioned) (cut)

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