Logan Taylor is a highly regarded member of the Third Street Saints. He operates in Steelport and his main base of operations is the Burns Hill Reactors.

Logan Taylor
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Air Commander of the Steelport Saints
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction Third Street Saints
Health 200%
Level 50
Status Alive
Location Burns Hill Reactor

Early Life

Joining the Saints

Fighting the Syndicate

Fighting STAG

End Game




Logan is a mechanic and gunsmith, and loves to tinker with many things to boost it's power, whether it be a missile launcher or a toaster. If anyone needs anything modified to cause more destruction, they go to him. Logan specializes in automatic firearms in on foot combat, always carrying with him a customized assault rifle and 2 custom SMGs. He owns a customized Specter, which he uses as a means of regular transport, (despite what civilians or the other Saints think). It boasts much more speed, handling, and firepower than the normal variant. His aircraft for combat is a heavily modified F-69 VTOL stolen from STAG. It has more speed, handling, protection, and firepower than STAG's variant. His trademark color scheme is white and blue, coloring all his vehicles.

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