Manuel Orejula








Saints Row (2006)

Manuel Orejula Vas Founder and Leader and Don and Boss of Lopez Crime Family  and Co-Leader of Colombian Drug Cartel and Father of Jimmy Lopez and Natinatonaly:Russian and He is GrandFather of Max Wictor Samuele Paulie Emillio Carmine Philip Vito Anthonny Lopez(Page:Max Wictor Emillio Lopez) and Great Grand Father of Alejandro Lopez and Great Great Grand Father of Hector Diego Lopez and Angelo Armando Lopez and He is Friend of Julius Little and Best Friend of Bobay Wilson(Protagonist of All Saint Row Series)and He is Apparared in Saint Row1 and He is Mentoined in Saints Row2


Manuel Orejula Status:Alive He is Born in Russia and He is Going Russia in 2009 and He is Very Powerfull King Pin of Crime and He is Also Known as:Mr.Orejula and Ruler of Crime(By Hector Lopez)and He is Friend of 3rd Street Saints and He is Deceased in Russia(Moscow City)



  • Saints Row
  • Saints Row 2 (mentioned)

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For in-game information, see the Manuel Orejuela article on the Saints Row Wiki.

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