Created during the beginning years of World War 1 out of 12 Marauders of all European nations, They originally fought for the freedom of others but that changed after World War 2 when they saw no need to pursue helping others for free. As the years progressed the generations passed as did it's members change but remained only 12 members. Everything was going right until August 21 2013. That year they were contracted by North Korea to disable all South Korean forces in the south in preparation to an invasion by the North. They did as they were told to without fail but instead of being paid they were attacked killing three of its members while the remaining fled South. When North Korea began it's invasion they were surprised at the amount of resistance they encountered thanks to the remaining 9 Mercenaries alerting the south of the impending attack. Since then all but three have disbanded but most have returned to the states and have heard of the Saints taking of Steelport. They've waited in the shadows growing in strength now they are preparing to attack the Saints and take their turf.