The Man Artwork








Saints Row Undercover


3rd Street Saints
Stilwater Police Department


The Man
The Snitch


Hooker Stiletto
Nail Gun
.44 Shepherd
SKR-7 Spree
K6 Krukov
Molotov Cocktails


Saints Lieutenant
Saints Enforcer
Undercover Cop (formerly)
Drug Dealer (formerly)


Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Little Brother
Carmen Costa (girlfriend)


Black and White Zenith

Mikey was a man born on the wrong side of the tracks and would eventually become a undercover cop turned Saints Lieutenant.


Mikey was born on the wrong side of the law in a gang-war torn Stilwater. He had a very rough live, he dropped out of school and would become involved in Stilwater's criminal underworld. Mikey would go from stealing cars and bikes to becoming a straight up drug dealer. Being a well known drug dealer in his area Mikey became involved with the cities local gangs, but he would never officially affiliate himself any of them. Business would often become hard for Mikey as he had no protection from any of the gangs.

Becoming a Cop

As times got rough, Mikey would slowly drop out of the drug dealing business and try to become the thing he despised, a cop. But Mikey didn't just want to become a cop to redeem himself or to the right no he wanted to be on the right side of the law so he could do what ever he pleased. Surprisingly the Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw allowed for Mikey to be enrolled in the Stilwater Police Academy. But he would latter find out the true reason of him being enrolled.

Worse Cop, Goody Good Cop

After being enrolled in training he meant his trainer Lt. Jimbo Schlemmer. Schlemmer was the worse cop that Mikey had ever seen, he kissed up to his superiors and treated all of the Stilwater Cadets like dirt. However Mikey also disliked Troy for being a good cop. Troy gave him tips to pass his exercise, which made Mikey thought Troy was nothing but a gullible goody goody two shoes cop who had no idea who he was dealing with.



  • "The Man" was the protagonist of the canceled Saints Row game Saints Row Undercover.
  • Profile Picture and the rest of the artwork for Mikey is from the Saints Row Fan Comic created by Vinkumakkara.
  • The Man back story is heavily based on his back story from the Saints Undercover PDF.


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