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  • Unnamed wife
  • Unnamed children
  • Unnamed granddaughter

Mr. Rollers is the financier of the Sinister Three and a high ranking executive of the Ultor Corporation in the aftermath of Dane Vogel and Eric Gryphon's deaths.


The Sinister Three

Mr. Rollers is a long time associate of Nathan Johnson and had offered him contracts for killing people. Mr. Rollers decided to repay the massive favours by funding the Sinister Three in their bid to dominate the world.

Third Street Girls

Mr. Rollers is kidnapped by Cypher who has deduced that Mr. Rollers was behind the funding of the Sinister Three. After sessions of torture and close castration, Mr. Rollers broke down and revealed the Sinister Three initiative. With this information at hand, Cypher threw Mr. Rollers off the top of a building and to his demise, as a message to members of the Sinister Three.

Sinister and Company

Mr. Rollers was reborn when Princess Johnny rebooted the universe with the help of God. He oversaw the confrontation between Mr. Sinister and Nathan on a rooftop, although the pair of them didn't notice Rollers' presence.


In another continuity, Mr. Rollers is a restaurant owner as well as operating as a criminal, hiring out his own squad to anyone who is willing to pay a large sum. The Mad Hatter approaches Rollers with the ultimatum to raid a high security prison holding alien mind control technology. Initially Rollers wants to kill Hatter for a previous grievance, but Hatter manages to plead for his life and offers Rollers a favour in return for his services. Rollers then tasks Hatter with finding and rescuing his missing daughter Cypher, who was kidnapped by a secret society a couple of years back. Hatter agrees, and Rollers hires out a squad for hire so Hatter can accomplish his task.


"I'll be right there, just getting my pipes cleaned."
―One of Mr. Rollers lines when called up as a homie.




Saints Row series

  • Saints Row: The Third (contact)

Fan Fiction

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