Mr. Snuggles
Bad Bear
Mr. Snuggles.




Saints Row Goes Fifth


Leader of Rainbow City

"Mr. Snuggles is the worst being known to the universe. Worse than anything you have encountered on earth, worse than Zinyak, worse than the Zin. He will comfort you, tell you "I love you" and before you know it he has gouged your eyes out!"
―The Protagonist told about Mr. Snuggles.

Mr. Snuggles is the main antagonist of Saints Row Goes Fifth. He is a sadistic and strict dictator and leader of "Rainbow City" on "Rainbow World". He has a vendetta against the Leader of the 3rd Street Saints and plans the complete destruction of the universe.


Mr. Snuggles background is unknown, although he has hatred for The Protagonist and for most of mankind.

A year after the Zin invasion, the defeat of Zinyak and the Dominatrix (following the Enter the Dominatrix timeline) Mr. Snuggles attacks the Saints Ship during a dinner party between the Raptors and 3rd Street Saints (now the Saints Empire). Mr. Snuggles men (consisting of furries) attack the Ship and kill most of the crew, including Kinzie, Matt Miller, Asha Odekar and Keith David. The Protagonist, Johnny Gat, Shaundi and Pierce survive the attack and evade the Ship as it is blown to pieces.

Mr. Snuggles resumes to his base of operations located in Rainbow City, a colourful and pretty city, but full of misery and dread. When The Protagonist and crew arrive on the planet, Mr. Snuggles gets his minions together such as gingerbread men and soft toys, telling them to kill the Saints and bring him The Protagonist. Mr. Snuggles then begins threatening any of the civilians of Rainbow City that if they assist the Saints, they will face an awful fate.


Mr. Snuggles is a cold and sadistic individual. He enjoys the suffering of others and enjoys his power over the citizens of Rainbow City. He is described as being one of the "worst" adversaries of The Protagonist, even more so than the late Emperor Zinyak. Mr. Snuggles often uses his "cute" appearance to fool others, and admits he has used it to manipulate and help get himself into power.

He is shown to have no empathy over his victims and likes mass genocide. During the Saints takeover of Rainbow City, Mr. Snuggles began executing random civilians to make an example towards the Saints and anyone who would dare oppose him. Mr. Snuggles also kidnapped and brainwashed certain citizens, placing them inside furries to make them his slaves.


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