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Plastic Man
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3rd Street Saints
Zin Empire

"Why are we running, I am down for some more murder."
―One of Plastic Man's quotes if you squeeze his chest.

Plastic Man is an android creature created by the Zin Empire and during the events of Saints Row IV took on the alias of "Johnny Gat" in order to infiltrate the 3rd Street Saints.


Santa Hell creates an army of Plastic Men in order to attack Steelport on Christmas.

During Saints Row IV stood around the ship tinkering and making remarks about killing. Being Gat's sole personality trait (being a meatheaded killer) nobody really paid much attention.


With little personality Gat had, Zinyak was able to only add the one thing he was good at, wanting to kill, standing around, making remarks about killing. Zinyak was initially worried that the fake Gat would be spotted instantly, but to his relief the 3rd Street Saints didn't notice any difference, in fact the Plastic version probably had more life to it than Gat.


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