This corporation was founded in 2007, by a man named Sean. They started as a small, community, non-profit corporation, and in one year raised $5,020,550,000 (5 billion, 20 million, 550 thousand dollars). In about 3 more years, transformed Paradise City into a city of glass. The lower class started investing much of their money into Rotlu's new, rapidly growing stocks, and later, the word "poor" was no longer a word in the city.

Global Expansion

Soon, Rotlu began selling lines of vehicles, computer hardware and software, media, and began doing services global. in the next couple following years, the stocks skyrocketed, and flew off the charts. Other stocks fell as the holders stopped investing, and millions of people along the island chain (the islang chain includes citys such as Stilwater, Paradise City, Schlilfooden (Shklil-FOO-den), and several other large city/islands. Ultor tried to increase their stocks, however only recieved slow increases. (in comparison to Rotlu's stocks). Rotlu began to build headquarters around the world (their main HQ in Paradise City), in a chance to improve their global stocks. Their stocks blew through the roofs, and faster than the speed of light, every major city around the word had Rotlu's logo or name or front at every corner and street. Cities became utopias, and crime rates dropped straight into hell. Soon enough, Rotlu became one of the biggest global organizations on the phase of the earth.

Inter-Global Organization

"...What? Didn't see it coming?


―Sean Cummings

[[An expression used in his public announcement about thise new expansion, as he broadcasted live on television and radios global.


Sean Cummings had a new idea. Head to the skies. This had originally started out as a mining operation, as to meet Rotlu's resource requirements in 2020. However, Rotlu did more than mine. By 2070 They started making their ships, and started navigating far out of the solar system, and colonizing on planets with an oxygen atmosphere, water, and resources. They colonized humans on these planets, and began by building large cities.