Saints Row: The Revenge is a follow up fanfiction on Saints Row IV.

Setting and Plot

Taking place a few years after the events of Saints Row IV, the player steps in the shoes of a new character named Mia Price the daughter of Joseph Price who had run the Westside Rollerz back in Stilwater. Mia is the head of a rebel organisation, tasked with the sole purpose of bringing down the Saints and killing their leader Bob Wilson, who Mia feels hasn't been punished despite the deaths of loads of people.

The Revenge is set in the famous Stilwater and also in Steelport. Mia gathers old characters plus new ones who lost friends to Bob Wilson's ruthless ways.


  • Mia Price: The main protagonist of Revenge. She is the daughter of deceased Joseph Price and her goal is to finally get rid of the violence caused by the Saints. Her appearance cannot be changed in Image as Designed, although she can get different haircuts at a hairdressers and her clothes can be changed.
  • Dexter Jackson: Mia's adviser for her rebels.
  • Donnie Wong: a friend of her father, Mia recruits him to help train and to fight against the Saints.
  • Bob Wilson: The Saints Leader and playable character from the Saints Row games. He is an antagonist in the story.


Most of the activities are primary linked to taking down the Saints.
  • Saints Wipeout: Similar to the Hit and assassination activities Mia has to hunt down lieutenants and enforcers working for the Saints and wipe them out, which allows weakening of the Saints Empire. Killing off important members allows it easier to infiltrate the Saints many assets and businesses.
  • Fight Club
  • Crowd Control: Defend important opponents who are in war with the Saints Empire from the Saints out of control fans.
  • Escort
  • Trafficking: Despite appearing legitimate the Saints are still doing shady business dealings. Help in stealing their trade.
  • Snatch: Rescue political opponents held hostage by the Saints Government and who also hold important Intel in defeating the Saints.
  • Fuzz: help stir up trouble and give the Saints a bad name.