Maybe Dex's new hideout
Last mission, Dexecution
Last mission again
The Last Revenge is the last of the three DLC packs from Saints Row 2.


In this DLC you have to search for Dex and kill him. Three missions, same as the other two DLC packs. In the last 2 missions you have to go to a new city (only a part of it).



  • Streetwar
  • Almost At The Top...
  • Dexecution

New Features


  • Old man
  • Electricity Attack
  • Bird
  • Medium Dreads (Mr Sunshine)
  • Big Afro


  • Head Wolf (Maero)
  • Mouth Flowers
  • Saints Back and Front Together


  • Leather Jacket
  • Brotherhood Outfit
  • Ultor Security Outfit
  • Saints Hat
  • Soccer Hat


  • Star (Super Boat)
  • Ringer (Passenger Plane)
  • Oliviver (Mini Boat)
  • Manchester (Britisch Red Bus)
  • Prospresper (Car)
  • Killerflee (Car)
  • Ration (Dex car, after the last mission you have unlocked it)

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