Saints Row In Dino Crisis

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17th June 2015

Saints Row In Dino Crisis is a non-canon spin-off title set in the Saints Row Universe. It takes place after the events of Saints Row IV.


The Player takes control of the boss, they can customize the character to however they want and play as that character.

The game takes place one year after the ending of Saints Row IV, the surviving saints have successfully used Zinyak's time machine to save Earth and have made an alliance with Human and the Zin. Things are going smoothly, however an unexpected accident occurs when an unknown person uses the time machine and releases dinosaurs into the current year.

The Saints must recruit as much help as possible and stop the dinosaur apocalypse and find the enemy responsible for releasing the dinosaurs into the current year.

New Features

Saints Row In Dino Crisis has a new set of features:

  • A new set of enemy's have been added, that being Dinosaurs.
  • Returning weapons from the previous Saints Row games make their way into the game, some are even new.
  • Heavy impacting decisions have been implemented into the game, where depending on the player's actions and choices, it will affect dialogue, the status of a character, the relationship between one character to another, different missions and many other occurrences.
  • A romance feature has been implemented into the game, depending on the player's actions through out the game, they will get into a romantic relationship with a certain character and will have an uncensored sex scene with them before the final battle occurs.

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