Steelport (styled as STEELPORT) is a crime series and an alternative timeline to Saints Row, taking place in the Retcon Timeline.


Follows the stories of different occupants in Steelport who turn to vigilantism in order to fight back against the crime and corruption. Michael Robertson is a private investigator trying to track down his kidnapped sister and solve his father's murder, as well as operating as the colourful vigilante Chicken Man. Jessica is an agent who wishes to fight crime after losing her parents to criminals when she was a child. And a psychotic vigilante Pyro uses arson to target criminal strongholds after herself being caught in a fire due to an insurance scam which left her horribly disfigured, which fuels her hatred for the criminal underworld.




Other characters


Development of the series began in 2014, in which it would have acted as a possible prequel to Saints Row: The Third. It would have taken inspiration from the DC TV Show Gotham.

It was later decided for it to take place in the "retcon timeline" (which was a chosen ending in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell) in which the Saints Row universe was completely reset. Lt. Gat would have acted as the main protagonist in this new timeline.

No word was said for a year, until the project was revived in 2016. Although it was intended for Lt. Gat, as well as Kinzie Kensington and Matt Miller to appear as major characters, this was scrapped in favour for new leads.

References to the Saints Row Universe



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