The Baron

The Baron is the founder of the Sons of Samedi and leader of the Steelport Sons of Samedi in Saints Row: Rise of the Elite


Baron thought himself to be the reincarnation of Baron Samedi Loa of the dead. Thinking himself being him he called himself the Baron and started a gang in the Caribbean called the Sons of Samedi.

Saints Row: Rise of the Elite

After the downfall of the Gangs in Stilwater Baron and his Sons of Samedi lieutenants The General and Mr. Sunshine moved some of the gang Operations in cities such as Steelport and Stilwater with The General and Mr. Sunshine leading the gang in Stilwater and the Baron leading them in Steelport. Soon after they made their presence well known to Steelport Phillipe Loren offered them a chance to join the Syndicate. With the offer taking 70% of Sons of Samedi's profits to the Syndicate. The Baron refused and started a war with them. After the Syndicate hiring many Mercenaries that were lead by Victor Charlie destroyed the Sons of Samedi in Steelport it was not so soon after that their leader Victor killed the Baron.

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