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Player choice


Saints Row: Return to the Row (2014)

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The Bum is the playable character in Saints Row: Return to the Row.

The name of this article is a nickname. Also the character can be made male or female, but this article may refer to them as male.


The Bum is the playable character of Saints Row V. Like the previous Saints Rows, this character can be completely customized with any choice of gender or race. The character's identity isn't properly given and is nicknamed Bum. Although when the player creates a saved game, they can type down a name for their player character if they wish. The default name is 'Bum'.


Saints Row: Return to the Row

At the beginning of the game 'The Bum' is evicted from his home on the Saint's Row by Richard Hughes who begins development, thus rendering Bum homeless. After spending an undetermined amount of time on the streets, the Bum begins to plan his move in taking over the city and getting back at Hughes for rendering him homeless.

The player is able to pick the character's path in the storyline. The Bum can work for the crippling 3rd Street Saints gang along with Johnny Gat. Or work for the Ultor Corporation earning respect with its Head of Projects Dane Vogel and executive Dexter Jackson in the war against Richard Hughes.

The Bum can also make friends by completing side quests and activities which earns respect and bonuses depending on whom they befriend.

Depending on the choices the Player makes, the Bum can become the new criminal kingpin of Stilwater controlling all crime operations, or rule Ultor and have the Masako team under their thumb and move up in the political world. Or if dealing with Richard Hughes, take his seat as Mayor of Stilwater and begin expanding influence on becoming a huge political figure.


  • At the beginning of the story the character appears to be residing in the Crib known as "Saint's Row Loft" which belonged to The Protagonist in the first Saints Row.
  • Volition have confirmed the character is in no relation to the previous playable character from Saints Row 1 to 4, and that this character is the beginning of a new story arc for the series.