The redneck mafia is a gang located in stillwater. Lead by Leo it is a gang of mostly white people although blacks russians and hispanics are also members.They came to the attention of the boss when the boss heard of a human trafficking ring being run out of stillwaters dock by the rednecks one of the people happened to be a friend of shaundis.The boss is introduced to an black man named Drake who was responsible for the human trafficking ring. The boss decides to destroy the rednecks human trafficking ring with the help of shaundi gat and tobias. However this angers Leo who has his number 2 vladimir destroy the saints hideout.however this fails and leo and two of his henchmen miguel and Dorian personally charge into bavogian plaza and start a gunfight with the saints however he and miguel are killed by a gunshot wound to the throat by pierce. The gang was named by his father.