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    Guidelines Proposal

    June 17, 2014 by 452
    A rewritten version of these guidelines is now located at Saints Row Fan Fiction Wiki:Guidelines


    • 1: Don't copy content from the Saints Row Wiki.
      • The Saints Row Wiki will direct users to this wiki on the condition that content is not copied. Obviously, having Fan Fiction articles about the characters is okay, and it makes sense to include some backstory from the games, but don't just copy/paste the articles.
      • When referring to in-game missions/locations, link to the Saints Row Wiki article.
      • Re-use of images from the Saints Row Wiki must be attributed, but original screenshots are better. Copying all of the images of Shaundi is not okay, as this is not an image repository.
    • 2: Build, don't bicker.
      • The rules of improv apply to collaborativ…
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