A rewritten version of these guidelines is now located at Saints Row Fan Fiction Wiki:Guidelines


  • 1: Don't copy content from the Saints Row Wiki.
    • The Saints Row Wiki will direct users to this wiki on the condition that content is not copied. Obviously, having Fan Fiction articles about the characters is okay, and it makes sense to include some backstory from the games, but don't just copy/paste the articles.
    • When referring to in-game missions/locations, link to the Saints Row Wiki article.
    • Re-use of images from the Saints Row Wiki must be attributed, but original screenshots are better. Copying all of the images of Shaundi is not okay, as this is not an image repository.
  • 2: Build, don't bicker.
    • The rules of improv apply to collaborative fan fiction: never say no.
    • In fan fiction, there is no right or wrong. No-one can tell anyone what they cannot do.
    • Build on what others have started, but do not change or remove what others have written.
    • Content creators have the right to not have their content changed or removed, but do not have the right to exclusivity.
    • If you disagree with something created by someone else, feel free to fork the content and create your own version.
    • Retconning the actual series is fine, but must be marked with Category:Retcon
    • Do not delete any content.
    • Content creators may obviously revise their own content.
  • 3: All active users get admin rights upon request
    • Anyone abusing those rights will lose them.
    • Admins must follow the rules too.
    • There will be a 1 week period between request and decision, during this time the applicant should remain active on this wiki.
    • Admins must stay active, admin rights are removed after 1 month of inactivity, but previous admins may request admin rights again when they return. This is just to ensure that the list of admins contains only active admins.
    • (History on the Saints Row Wiki will be considered)

Criteria to become an admin:

  • 100 edits
  • 1 month
  • No history of vandalism

...on any wiki.

The only thing that is required to become an admin is proof that you are not a vandal.

The category and tagging system obviously needs some work. We'll have to come up with some system to say "This page is from the X storyline". Since people are already naming their fictional games, such as Saints Row Freemason Throwdown, it would probably be best to stick with this, and to ALWAYS mention the name of the game in the intro line.

We may need to work on Rule 2 a little, because we probably need internal consistency amongst different "Games". Everything in Saints Row Freemason Throwdown should probably make sense, we wouldn't be able to have one character die in "mission 2", then suddenly be alive in "mission 3" with no explanation.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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