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We Are No Saints is the 5th mission in Saints Row Freemason City Throwdown. Viola calls you and explains that Scottie Pippen and his gang have some weapons stashed at an abandoned theatre in Valehide Gardens. Go into the Dodge Ram SRT10 and drive there. You than must kill the Goons which are protecting the Abandoned Theatre. Afterwards a Female goon with an Incinerator is blocking your way kill her anyway you want. You than are introduced to Euso Yun who is being given a blowjob by his Girlfriend Marisol. He then Aids you by telling you to go into the concession stand where the box is. It is then revealed that [[[RPG]]s and AR40s are in the box. Thankful for Euso's assistance he than recruits him into The Saints. Your Homies are Angel and Oleg.

Rewards-Respect,$5332,Euso Yun as a homie.